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Fleetclean Service Center

Fleetclean Systems considers client specific wash bay needs and specifications. We are proud to offer            Mi-T-M Pressure Washing equipment as well as custom built machines. We build, install, and service pressure washing equipment for local, regional, and national Fleet companies.

Please give us a call to discuss your specific wash bay equipment needs. Let Fleetclean Systems tailor a Service and Maintenance program for your wash bays and pressure washing equipment. Please consult Fleetclean Systems for all your equipment and soap supply needs.

Schedule your Install Consultation, Service and/or Maintenance Appointment now.

Fleetclean Systems LLC is a Preferred Distributor and Service Center. 

We know better than anyone how to put the power of Mi-T-M equipment to work for you, in your industry, your region, your business or your home.

We supply the best factory-supported parts, components, and accessories for Mi-T-M pressure washers and equipment.

Being a Preferred Mi-T-M Vendor ensures that Mi-T-M warranty remains valid during servicing. In addition, Fleetclean provides its own one year warranty on its servicing.

Official Distributor and 

Preferred Service Center

Proud Member

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