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Why is Fleetclean's Brushless 2-Step Wash your fleet cleaning solution?

Your Fleet is your most prominent advertisement. It is literally a roaming Billboard displaying your Brand across city, state, and country. Maintaining your Fleet clean and professional ensures your organization, product, and brand rises above the rest. Fleetclean Systems is the right partner to help you efficiently remove road film and ensure that your Billboard shines brightly!

Road film results from the build up of road dirt, diesel smoke and other foreign contaminates emitted from vehicle engines or picked up in the air. As a vehicle travels at the high speed, it generates friction and static electricity, forming an electrostatic bond to the pollutants. These pollutants bond to your fleet's surface like steel shavings to a magnet. Our 2 Step Soap combinations will neutralize that magnetic bond and let the dirt fall off while you rinse. 

FCS 2 Step Brushless Wash is the most economical and efficient way of washing your fleet.

We formulate, manufacture and distribute top of the line detergents that will allow you to efficiently wash your large equipment and fleet. Using our detergents and combinations will effectively reduce your cost per wash. 

  • 2 Step Wash requires less physical labor and time.
  • Eliminating BRUSHING ​means no micro-abrasions on your painted surfaces.
  • Produces a neutralized, film free surface guarding against new film buildup longer.
  • Results in a cleaner vehicle surface and effectively cleans and brightens aluminum surfaces.
  • Cleans irregular surfaces such as tankers, livestock hauler, gravel trains, refuge vehicle, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly, resulting in a near neutral waste water outflow.

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