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Fleetclean Systems LLC has worked closely for over 30 years with our customers to develop individualized solutions to their cleaning challenges. FCS considers your chemical delivery system, wash equipment and provides the proper choice of chemicals and detergents to achieve the desired cleaning results. Keeping pace with industry innovations and working closely with industry leaders in the chemical and equipment fields, Fleetclean Systems provides the best pressure washing equipment and the highest quality and cost efficient detergents available, including eco-friendly alternatives.

We strive to provide our customers with the very best parts, components, and accessories available on the market today. We have developed our relationships with industry leading manufacturers such Mi-T-M, GIANT, Legacy, Banjo, General Pump, DEMA, and CAT Pumps. 

Let us place the RIGHT equipment with the RIGHT parts and accessories to streamline your wash process, lower your related costs, and serve your customer RIGHT!

Fleetclean Systems manufactures a professional strength line of truck and fleet washing detergents and aluminum brighteners for brush-less cleaning. Whether you are a truck wash owner, owner/manager of a large vehicle fleet, manager of a municipal fleet or a single truck owner our team can help you with pressure washer repair and construction, detergent application methods, and custom detergent blending.
In addition to the wide range of truck wash soaps, FCS manufactures and distributes industrial cleaning chemicals that tackle the toughest greases, grime and ordinary soiling for all types of environments. Our complete line includes chemical cleaning products used in restaurants, commercial laundries, hotels and other hospitality settings.

Fleetclean's Brush-less 2 Step Wash System

Brush-less 2-Step Washing consists of using a combination of an Acidic soap (pH lower than 7) followed by a Basic soap ( pH greater than 7), resulting in environmentally friendly neutral waste water. The low pH soap will provide excellent cleaning on painted surfaces and will clean aluminum when paired with a high pH soap which will penetrate and remove the toughest road film. Two-step cleaning provides the best cleaning results. Low pH products will not completely remove magnetic road film and clean equipment and vehicles on their own.

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